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05300 Laragne-Montéglin

Latitude : 44.31625251
Longitude: 5.8123769999999695

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+33 6 85 14 99 36
M et Mme MAZAN Gérard
26 Av de Lattre de Tassigny
04200 Sisteron
Yolande et Gérard vous accueillent

Yolande and Gérard welcome you to Mas D'Oriane

Le Mas d'Oriane is a completely renovated farmhouse dating from the 19th century. Yolande and Gérard Mazan welcome you to their holiday properties La Fénière, Le Colombier, Le Fruitier and Le Vintage in a traditional setting surrounded by a park of one and a half hectares.

Directions to Mas D'Oriane by car

On arrival at Laragne, when you reach the fountain, take La Rue de Moulin which is signed for Les Gorges de la Méouge (on your right, just before the fountain if you are arriving from Serres, Grenoble... on your left, after the fountain, if you are arriving from Sisteron, Marseille).

Go down La Rue de Moulin towards the Casino supermarket. With the Casino supermarket on your left, take the first road on your right ('Route des Isles' which is just opposite the petrol station). There is a road sign there pointing towards the 'Piste d'atterrissage Chabre'.

Continue along this road for 700m. With the building storing fruit on your left, take the private road on the right leading to Mas D'Oriane at the sign 'Gites ruraux - Mas d'Oriane'. Follow this road, with the apple orchard on your left, for 300m. You have arrived.

Directions to Mas D'Oriane on foot, leaving from the railway station

Leave the railway station by the ticket office and follow the road directly in front of you, until you arrive at the main road and find a safe place to cross.

Now turn right and go along the pavement for 300m.

Do not cross the railway bridge but take the minor road on your left for 150m then the next road on your left (at the sign 'Gites ruraux - Mas d'Oriane'). You are now walking down towards Mas d'Oriane. You have arrived.